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El Paso Sound System is born in the winter between 2016 and 2017, from
the idea and the collaboration among DonnieDub and Rootsman.

After a couple of years selecting Reggae music and providing Jamaican
sound system culture in historical places such as RedSea Reggae Club at
Athens, DonnieDub meets Rootsman from Bergamo, Italy. Rootsman, back in
Italy, was part of crews like BergamoReggae and the I-Trees sound. The
main idea of the El Paso Sound System is to provide sound system culture
in the streets with the sound of Reggae galaxy, like the old years in
the 70’s and 80’s in Jamaica and England with custom build D.I.Y speakers
with heavy bass, scoops, midbass and such!

El Paso borns in the working class neighbourhood of Kallithea, Athens.
Its name derives from the football stadium of the neighbourhood, because
of his rocky field. El Paso was also one of the first sound systems in
the history of Jamaica, born in 1969 with the help of a real legend of
Reggae history such as Dennis Alcapone. This is a little bit symbolic
and honorable for us about the kind of music El Paso selects as Revival
of Reggae music like Roots, Foundation, Rocksteady, Ska and Dub from the
late 50’s until today.

Moreover, El Paso takes the name also from the town between United
States and Mexico and at a wider scale, brings back to idea of borders,
like the series of walls and fences preventing crossings, but also the
connections through spaces and cultures worldwide. El Paso Sound wants
to break the barriers with Reggae music first in our minds and our
consciousness, then in the field of the psychical opression caused by
Babylon system.

El Paso is a sound system but it is also a collective crew, formed by people with
different cultures and ideas, opened to every kind of positive
El Paso stands firm against all kinds of borders, separations, divisions and
discrimination. El Paso will fight for the freedom of movement, freedom
of speech and freedom to be whatever we want to be.

During the construction of the Sound System a lot of other people join
the project and actively help to shape the concept of the sound, like
Luka, QRMind, GhettoRock, the “Soundman” Manos, the mighty Irie Action soundsystem and the Holy-Mastoras wood carpenter Spiros from Megara city.  

Also a lot of crews like Athens UnderDogs, Road Duck, Humble Brothers, Boavista Hip-Hop team  lots of friends, musicians and artists.

El Paso soundsystem is a mobile disco, prefers analogic sound,
vinyls records etc. The dance will be brought in the streets and the city’s
squares, at collaborations places and self-organized projects, out in
the sea and the sun based on support and free contribution.

It is the musical reaction to complete devaluation! Soundsystem is one of the most dynamic way to entertain and simultaneously apropriate the use of public spaces by the youth, the working class and the city’s subcultures.

El Paso sound n crew isnt finished, its evolving and it will be

Stand Firm people! Stay irie and respect each and everyone in this planet.



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